Frequently asked questions

If I have a question or two how do I reach you?

We can be reached via email at In your email, please include your name, the best way to contact you, and the question(s) you'd like to be answered. Please allow a 24 hours for us to respond.

Are your candle fragrances potent?

Although soy candles are known to have a more challenging time illuminating an abundance of fragrance, in comparison to other waxes, we use the highest quality of all natural soy wax that holds a significant amount of fragrance. You will be able to smell our scents in moderately-sized rooms.

Candle care? Is this a 'don't believe the hype moment?'

To access the best candle experience, it's significant to maintence your candle. The first burn is very important. It sets the tone for how the candle will continue to burn throughout its lifespan. Your wick will burn best when it's trimmed to 1/4 inches. Allow your candle to burn evenly, away from cooling and heating systems. Drafts may cause your candle to burn unproportionately, which produces memory rings, that typically last the life of the candle. Your candle should be burned within eyesight, and away from children and animals. Your candle has the ability to burn up to 4 hours, before requiring time to cool. The wax and fragrances we use are malleable and will shift properties when exposed to intense light and temperature. Storing your candles in areas that are dimly lit and dry will support with maintainging the integrity of your scent and color. Refrain from leaving your candles in your car. Extreme temperatures negatively impact your candles (scent + color). If you have realized this fact before reading this, you can allow your candle to return to room tempeture before burning.

Why Lords of LuLu Premium Soy Candles? Asking for a friend.

Hmmm let's start with: Our Wax: 100% soy produced by American farmers Longer + cleaner burn Minimum black soot (if any) All natural soy wax (from US soybean) that holds fragrance the best Smooth and creamy appearance Hand-poured

Our Wicks:

Cotton wick

Consistent burn with higher fragrance loads throughout entire burn

Reduced smoking Minimal carbon build-up Stable flame Our Fragrances: Premium essential oils Hand-picked scents paired with Kulture-infused names Our Jars:

Recycled glass

Our Labels: High quality Scratch resistent Water resistant Sun resistant Dishwasher and microwave safe Bubble-free Durable

Our Candles:

Bold colors

Alluring aromas Affordable Locally made Black-owned Woman-owned

Should I burn my candle within a specific timeframe or nah?

Dope question. We use all natural and premium materials that get better with time. Storing your candle has a high probability of enhancing your candle-lighting experience. We suggest burning your candle within a 6 month period, and storing your candle in a dimly-lit and dry space to eliminate/significantly reduce the chances of discoloration and poor fragrance.

What is your return policy?

Every candle we make is produced and prepared for shipment with maximum care and attention to detail. With that knowledge, we will exchange a candle if your candle is experiencing a limitation due to our oversight. In cases where a candle arrived to you, and the scent is not what you expected, we empower you to be a tad more adventurous and give it a try. It's important to note that the premium scents we use are replicas (for candle-making) of prototype fragrances. If a candle arrives to you damaged, please email us regarding this concern. In your email, include your name, the best way you can be reached, and photos of your damaged candle. We will file a claim with USPS, and work to make things right again.

Where can I find more of your candles?

Yas, Yass, and Yassss! We are here for all the love. Our candles can additionally be found at Artist and Craftsman (Brentwood, WDC) Peake Releaf (Rockville, MD) and Higher Limits (H Street, WDC) stores.

Do you wholesale?

It's important to us and our customers, that our candles are visible and available for our customers everywhere. We are interested in collaborating with individuals and groups to ensure that Lords of LuLu Candles are a part of your most special moments, including but not limited to purchases for store distribution, proposals, bridal party requests, and subscription boxes. For more details email ;)

Are you interested in pop-up shops?

We are all the way here for pop-up shops! Send us the details at