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Lords of LuLu

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 I am a mom, auntie, sister, daughter, and significant to the most supportive family that I could imagine. I find inspiration in all of my family members' colorful personalities, and in all things around me. Growing up a black girl from SE, Washington D.C. was interesting for me. I matured in distinctive environments, which prepared me for this very moment. My environments provided me with thought processes, that further gave me access to a wealth of knowledge that made me think, “why didn’t anyone teach me this before.” Through maturation, I’ve been able to realize 1. We learn things in our time +  2. What I had not learned before is due to the knowledge that is often kept away from people of color. That awareness catapulted my intrinsic motivators and truly made me angry enough to creatively imagine the future I’d like to see. Building a legacy of free-thinking individuals, spreading rich thoughts about well-being and stress-reducing habits, and promoting mental health awareness and continuity. 

Lords of LuLu is the result of the innate love that I possess for people. My dream has always been to exist creatively in the universe, supporting myself and others with getting in touch with ourselves. This self-awareness harnesses the journey to self-actualization, and further empowers us to access our extraordinary. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and the Founder of Lords of LuLu I have identified an artistic way to honor my culture + profession, enhance my tribe's self-knowledge as I expand mine, and model the process of organized self-care, which essentially is self-love. Lords of LuLu is a platform that aims to positively impact the way you think about yourself and your well-being. Intentionality in your self-care routine will assist you with healthily managing stress and meeting your psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our premium candles and soaps summons the peace and experience complimentary to the manifestations that you would like to see.


The love I have for people has allowed me to successfully flip + rehab homes, counsel + rehab mindsets, and now I am rehabbing energies. I seek to creatively educate communities that have done so much for me the #luluway. Lords of LuLu is ours. Enjoy ;)


- Bennisha Lucas

Lords of Lulu Founder


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